History Channel's Newest Show: JFK Declassified

Over the past few months I had the opportunity to do a docu-series for History Channel focusing on the recently declassified government documents concerning the JFK assassination.

This is my debut on a big cable television show, and still can’t believe I was afforded the opportunity. I had a blast working alongside veteran CIA officer Bob Baer and retired LAPD Lieutenant Adam Bercovici, as well as all the crew and producers who brought this investigation to life. Some of you might immediately dismiss the concept of this show as fodder for the tinfoil hat crowd, but I can promise that you’ll learn a thing or two if you tune in for this six-episode limited series.

Our investigative team traveled to Moscow, Mexico City, New Orleans, Miami and Dallas in an effort to chase down every move Lee Harvey Oswald made in the months leading up to the assassination. We walked in the footsteps of Oswald on multiple occasions while shooting this, and as a long time history nerd – it was fascinating. 

I obviously can’t reveal too much about the show, but if you’re a fan of any of my past work then you should tune in to the History Channel on Tuesday, April 25th at 10/9c. We’ll be starting off in the beating pulse of the Cold War during the early 1960’s: Mexico City.

Don’t miss it!