Violence of Action is much more than the true, first-person accounts of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the Global War on Terror. Between these pages are the heartfelt, first-hand accounts from, and about, the men who lived, fought, and died for their country, their Regiment, and each other. This book captures the on-the-ground perspective of historical events such as Objective Rhino, Haditha Dam, recovering Jessica Lynch, the hunt for Zarqawi, the recovery of Extortion 17 and everything in between.

"The matter-of-fact presentations by the Rangers in this book of actual combat leadership situations are lessons that cannot be taught in any school. These stories underscore their incredible heroism, their uncanny super-human feats under fire borne of intense and continuous training and their ultimate dedication to their Ranger Brotherhood." - Gary Dolan2011 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee, and author of Of Their Own Accord

The True Story Of How Standing Rock Fell is an investigative essay written through the eyes of author Marty Skovlund, Jr. as he details the final days of the Oceti protest camp on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation. Braving extreme weather as well as the volatile stand off between the Dakota Access Pipeline and the self-proclaimed water protectors, he searches for the unbiased truth of what actually happened. 

This long form essay is the only account that offers the reader access to not only the protesters, but also the law enforcement and private military contractors who opposed them for nearly six months.

A Editors Pick.

"A great perspective, portraying both side of the discussion. Impartial from start to finish, while pulling no punches on either side. I recommend reading this for the true story." Customer Review

Marty's work can also be found in the following books:

Marty is currently writing his third book, an untitled adventure-memoir based on his own life experiences. This will be his first departure from the military non-fiction genre.